Ramadan Mubarak

I love my life. I love where I am and what I have become. Subhanallah through patience and perseverance something amazing has come from it.

It’s called gratefulness.

I can genuinely say that very little is needed to make me happy. Alhumdullilah. Obstacles will continue to come my way, that will never stop. Through every difficulty there is wisdom and greatness behind it. You might not see it at the time, you may never know why, but everything happens for a reason and Allah swt is The Best of All Planners.

Trust His Plan.

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Be, and it is!


Allah (swt) shows us how He can create man without male or female – He created Adam (as) from dust.

Allah shows us how He can create woman without a female – He created Eve (as) from the rib of man.

And lastly Allah shows us how He can create man without a male – He created Jesus (as).

That is Allah. Nothing is difficult for Allah for He just says “Be, and it is” – Subhanallah

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Our suffering, our tests

We all know the story of Ayoub (as) he was tested with his wealth, his children, his health and his exterior health ie his physical appearance. He continued to thank Allah, the pain he endured for 7 years increased day by day but it was very little compared to the many years he had a blessed life with children, with land of crops, farms, fields.

He was ashamed to ask Allah for help and complain about his misfortune thus he beared his poor life. Eventually, he raised his hands to Allah –

“…And [mention] Job, when he called to his Lord, “Indeed, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.” (Surah 21:83)

Immediately Allahs blessings showered him and he was stronger than before, his skin cleared and became softer, his weakness left him that even his wife didn’t recognise him. Subhanallah.

Lessons extracted for this Ummah.

Gratitude. Patience. Forgiveness. Mercy.

Wisdom behind these tests are only known by Allah the Most Wise. Little do we know our sins could be forgiven for every pain that is endured…


Allah has the ability to make us sick and heal us, to make us poor and give us wealth. Grant us children and take them away.

Little do we know that our suffering will be the reason for our success in this life and the next life. Our conviction to Allah will prove that, we know He loves us, we know He is looking after us. We should also know that these tests are like gifts for us wrapped with His hidden Mercy, so beautiful that when we are rewarded Allah will bless us with more than what we imagined, more than what we asked for.

He is Allah. Lord of the Worlds.
The Most Gracious. The Most Merciful.
Never lose hope from His Mercy.

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Feeling generous this month?



Travelling three thousand miles for a spiritual journey which requires the greatest of strengths and Faith, I will be taking a pilgrimage into old territory – A real journey, with all its danger and beauty and you can join me by donating to those in need.

UK to Palestine. This Ramadan, from 23rd June – 7th July, 2016 I will be staying in Jerusalem to experience the same path of those People of Faith that came before me. I will be walking on the same land as the Palestinians whose presence will be naturally comforting and humble and those children whose smiles are radiated by God’s Mercy. I will also be visiting refugee camps and spend time with the widows and orphans out there. I will be the guest of Palestine.

Already I feel overwhelmed knowing that I have been blessed for this incredible opportunity and the ability to take as much as I can along with me to support those who do not deserve to be ignored, those who are truly in need of our help. Our Ummah.

“Every donation is an act of solidarity”

All contributions received will be taken greatest care of and I will personally ensure that it reaches the hands of the people it is intended to reach. All funds will be hand delivered and I will be documenting as much as I can with you all.

GoFundMe charges 5% of any donations; if you disagree with this you are welcome to send donations whether its sadakah or zakaat directly to my PayPal account. Please contact me by clicking the message icon.


I will be grateful for any donations.

Thank you (“,)

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Ramadan Mubarak 😘


This Ramadan will be a significant one. Many deaths have passed since the last one. It will be my first since Hajj. It will be my first in Palestine. It may also be my last. I have seen many people suffer; those who appear to be strong by face are suffering considerably inside. We all have a void inside us that only He knows how to fill it. To all the Muslims that I can reach out to in this message I ask for a small request, to make dua for our Ummah. For the Muslims in our community, our country and the world. The power we hold is in our hands, hands that we can raise and sincerely ask for His Mercy. He never leaves a prayer unanswered.

“You alone we worship, You alone we ask for help” – (Surah Fatiha)

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The winners

If you place Allah in your hearts and the rest of the world in your hands then you have succeeded in life.

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