The Story of the Devout Worshiper

An extract taken from a lecture by Molana Suleman Moola – Cape Town

There was a man who went into total solitude to worship Allah (swt) in a small island, he dedicated his entire time in his prayers with no distractions. Drinking from the spring water and eating from a pomegranate tree was his source of survival. When Angel Gibraeel (as) used to go down from the Heavens to Earth he always seen this man in the position of sajdah (prostration). Lowering his head in front of his Lord.

The servant lived for 400 years, during that time he consistently asked Allah for one wish. He made Dua that he dies in sajdah. Allah granted him that wish.

When this servant was presented in front of his Lord with angels on either side of him, Allah said:

‘Take my servant into Jannah through my infinite mercy.’

The angels done as commanded. The servant was dazzled and said:

‘Oh Allah, through Your infinite mercy I am granted Paradise, what about the 400 years of worship I have done for you?’

Immediately Allah ordered the angels to take him to hell. Even more shocked the servant immediately asked for forgiveness for what he said. He was then placed in front of Allah who said the following:

‘Who granted you the taufiq to worship Me for 400 years? Was I compelled to do it, or was it through My infinite mercy? Middle of the ocean surrounded with salt water, who blessed you with sweet water? Was I compelled to do it, or was it through My infinite mercy? Who provided you with a pomegranate tree for you to eat from? Was I compelled to do it, or was it through My infinite mercy? And who granted you your wish to die in sajdah? Was I compelled to do it, or was it through My infinite mercy? Do not try and compare your worship to my Mercy. For if you want to compare, Walahi, I take a kassam with my own name and might that your 400 years of worship cannot even suffice to Thank Me for the eye sight I have given you.’

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4 Responses to The Story of the Devout Worshiper

  1. ayeshaumair says:

    I have always been curious about one thing. The Quran says that it will be decided on the day of Judgement as to who give go to Heaven or Hell. Then where do these incidents come from. Are they true?

    • Shahista ♡ says:

      I was slightly sceptical at first whether to post this story or not as I too started to question the incident itself. However, the moral behind the story I feel is very powerful. It played it huge influence on how I perceived my own prayers. That is only through Allahs Mercy that we are capable of worshipping Him, we don’t owe Him anything but we need Him to survive.

      I agree that ultimately on The Day the decision will be made for our destiny; we have no knowledge on that matter. And such stories like the one I’ve posted are simply reminders with hidden morals for one to ponder upon. There are many narrations that are weak in authenticity but not fabricated and some scholars reject them completely whilst others use them for inspirational purposes.

      • ayeshaumair says:

        I had also wondered about the authenticity of such posts. Thank you for informing me about the position of the scholars. But I believe that this incidents puts Allah in a negative light by making them proud.

  2. sarahabur says:

    Regardless of whether the stories are true or not, no one gets in to Jannah without Allah (swt) Mercy. But people don’t link the two; do what He says, what He loves, and you will gain His Mercy. I often think of an easier example to explain to people: we love our parents right? So one day we do something that disappoints our mom, she has the power to ground us, take everything away, yet she still forgives us out of her OWN mercy being a mother. Pure mercy.

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