Concentrating in Prayers

First and foremost the following article linked at the bottom of this blog is a reminder for me and how I need to conduct myself in Salaah. It is a struggle I find it difficult to concentrate. Many times I’m dozing off into wonderland and then I’m thinking about the list of things to do and simply wasting the powerful rewards Salaah offers. A very good friend of mine once asked me, ‘Why do you pray your Salaah really slowly?’ And honestly I couldn’t give her a straight answer… Maybe I’m trying to correct my Tajweed or remember translations. Or I’m trying hard to fight off the distractions. Or maybe I’m trying my best to remind myself that Allah is watching me. Honestly, I don’t know. So I replied back with:

“Do you know what ‘Sami’Allahu liman hamidah’ means? It means ‘Allah listens to those who praise Him’ followed by “Rabbana lakal hamd.” Which means, ‘Our Lord, praise be to You’. We then make sajdah (prostration) – The closest position a servant can get near to his Lord. So, in Salaah we Praise Allah, in return He gives us what we ask for… Why not take our time and try our best to concentrate?”

Weeks passed by and the question still lingered around my head, it’s funny how I found it so difficult to answer it at the time, perhaps I should have questioned myself earlier… I then remembered this passage:

The worshipper only earns for his prayer as much as he has been concentrating on it. How would you feel then, if you were only rewarded for half, or a quarter, or an eighth of your prayer?

This makes sense right? Why should Allah fully reward us in Salaah if we rush and do not engage fully in our prayers? The slightest glitch in our Niyah (intention) can fully void the prayer – May Allah save us all from this act. If you agree, believe me I have fallen in this trap too. It is so crucial to pay attention and fight off the evil whisperers in our Salaah, Why? Because we are standing in front of Our Creator, Our Master, who one day we will return to and be questioned about this very act we used to be careless with.

After a few weeks of intense research I decided to write an article on Surah Fatiha Chapter One. A subject I knew would benefit me considerably; it is difficult with all the worldly distractions but I truly believe that Allah loves us and wants us to be close to him thus guiding us towards the straight path. Make dua for this Ummah – Salaah will be the very first subject we will be questioned on. 

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