Man vs Nature


Rise up from here and go to the Garden of Faith.
Enter and take some roots from the tree of sorrow, a few leaves from the tree of contemplation, with the seeds of humility, and the fruits of understanding. Take a small measure of the branches of certainty, and the kernels of sincerity, with the bark of strenuous effort, with some of the stems turning away from wrong action, with the strong medicine of modesty. Blend it with the senses, with a heart full of concentration and understanding, filed by the fingers of confirmation and the palms of success. Pour it into the basin of inquiry and wash it with the water of tears. Then take it all and put it into the kettle of hope, bring it to the boil with the fire of your longing, to the point that the superficial superfluous elements and the dregs and sediment might be separated. Then you obtain the juice and cream of wisdom. Put it on the plate of contentment and submission, blow on it with the gentle breeze of your supplication for His forgiveness, and cool it so that it will not be spoiled, so that this elixir might be made wholesome. Then drink it in a place where no man can be found and where only Allah can see you.

-Ali ibn Abi Talib

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