Our suffering, our tests

We all know the story of Ayoub (as) he was tested with his wealth, his children, his health and his exterior health ie his physical appearance. He continued to thank Allah, the pain he endured for 7 years increased day by day but it was very little compared to the many years he had a blessed life with children, with land of crops, farms, fields.

He was ashamed to ask Allah for help and complain about his misfortune thus he beared his poor life. Eventually, he raised his hands to Allah –

“…And [mention] Job, when he called to his Lord, “Indeed, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.” (Surah 21:83)

Immediately Allahs blessings showered him and he was stronger than before, his skin cleared and became softer, his weakness left him that even his wife didn’t recognise him. Subhanallah.

Lessons extracted for this Ummah.

Gratitude. Patience. Forgiveness. Mercy.

Wisdom behind these tests are only known by Allah the Most Wise. Little do we know our sins could be forgiven for every pain that is endured…


Allah has the ability to make us sick and heal us, to make us poor and give us wealth. Grant us children and take them away.

Little do we know that our suffering will be the reason for our success in this life and the next life. Our conviction to Allah will prove that, we know He loves us, we know He is looking after us. We should also know that these tests are like gifts for us wrapped with His hidden Mercy, so beautiful that when we are rewarded Allah will bless us with more than what we imagined, more than what we asked for.

He is Allah. Lord of the Worlds.
The Most Gracious. The Most Merciful.
Never lose hope from His Mercy.

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